Blank Space Magazine #2 | a sectie-c story

Blank Space Magazine #2 | Sectie-C

In Blank Space Magazine designers are interviewed about why they create by their colleagues.
Blank Space Magazine doesn’t focus on what the designer produces for a change, because that conversation is more common. Designers are trained to always be in presentation mode. With a lot of care designers orchestrate how their projects should be presented. Everything that is shown to the outside world about their work or about themselves as designers is therefore controlled. Because of that you’ll never hear about their intrinsic motivation to create. Why do they do what they do? Why do they think their work should exist? This is interesting, because designers have an unbelievably strong drive to create. To create they must have a strong vision of what they want to add to the world. With the conversations between designers in Blank Space Magazine you get a glimpse of a world that is normally hidden.
Blank Space Magazine is a bottom-up project started by a passionate team of designers and photographers. Most are based on Sectie-C, a creative terrain in Eindhoven the Netherlands, harbouring over two hundred design studios and small creative businesses. With Sectie-C as its base, Blank Space Magazine features designers over the world to show the variety in work and characters within the creative community.

Uitgave : Blank Space Magazine
Auteur : Blank Space Magazine
Editor in Chief : Mats Hornbach
Art direction : Anne Ligtenberg
Fotografie : Anniek Mol / Britt Roelse / Maarten Coolen / Manon Vosters / Saskia Overzee
Graphic Design: Atelier Mats / Anne
Cover Design : Tessa Koot
Translation : Nanne op ’t Einde
Tekst editors : Earlwyn Covington / Jessica Slipp / Tanya Long
Printing Company : Goedeboekendrukker
ISBN : 978-90-829372-1-3
Formaat : 170x240mm
Papier binnenwerk : 80 grs. Multi Print, FSC ®
Papier cover : 300 grs. Multi Print, FSC ®
224 pagina’s / full-colour / UV-inkt (hoog gepigmenteerd) / garenloos gebonden / Softcover

Blank Space Magazine #2

Blank Space Magazine #2 | a sectie-c story